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Benefits of a self-service inquiry portal

An easy-to-use self-service portal for different types of common legal inquiries, built using automated workflows, is the answer.

As a key individual in their particular request, the workflow ensures that specific and personalized questions arise in response to their actions, so triage can take place. automatically. Nine times out of ten, the requester can automatically see the correct answer, the correct template to use, or company policy.

Tracking and auditing the request and fulfillment process is also automated, improving governance and compliance.

What about handling the exceptions that always seem to appear? They can be automatically sorted through a pre-approved process, ensuring compliance, speed and no sweat.

The result is that you increase the efficiency of your legal teams by reducing the time spent on manual tasks. Notifications and alerts can be sent to address participants and stakeholders at pre-designated points throughout the admissions process. Portal automation means your team can focus on more valuable tasks, resulting in greater productivity and happier employees. It also reduces errors and speeds up service.

“The adoption of workflow automation brought us closer to our internal partners, so we understood their processes and their weaknesses. It created so much efficiency so quickly that Legal Ops looked like real innovators.

Chief of Staff / Director of Legal Operations

A self-service request portal improves efficiency, accountability and a superior user experience for the legal department and business partners. Want to see it in action? It’s time to cut out the middleman for direct, immediate results.

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