A lawyer will reveal the fate of the Sokovia Accords


Since Captain America: Civil War, there have been few mentions of the international agreement known as the Sokovia Accords in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The next Disney+ She-Hulk: Lawyer is about to change that.

The series’ head writer, Jessica Gao, said The Direct“This show will answer the question of what happened to the Sokovia Accords. It will come later in the season, but you’ll get an answer to what really happened to the Accords.”

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The third Captain America The film not only divided the Avengers, but it introduced the Sokovia Accords, which required “enhanced individuals” to register and comply with guidelines and regulations set by the United Nations. Some members of the Avengers agreed with the international deal, the other half vehemently opposed it. Although they were billed as a major shift on Earth, there weren’t many post-movie projects that acknowledged the Accords, other than Wanda Vision and Black Widowwhich included passing mentions of it.

She-Hulk: Lawyer will feature not just superhero action, but thrilling forensic comedy, both of which have been highlighted by some of the series’ many clips and trailers. Marketing for the Disney+ series drew attention to Jennifer Walters’ expertise as a lawyer and the legal services she offers. But Walters won’t be the only superhero lawyer featured on the show.

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Recent trailers have confirmed that Matt Murdock – after returning to the MCU in Spider-Man: No Coming Home — will appear once again, this time in full Daredevil costume, in She-Hulk. Gao recently explained that the team didn’t expect to be able to include him. She said: “Well, first of all, we were shocked that we could use it… Like, when we first heard it was on the table, I mean, we couldn’t We kept thinking like, ‘Okay, at some point, someone’s going to say, ‘Just kidding.’ Like, ‘That’s a cruel joke, and you can’t have it.’ And it went on and on.”

Gao also revealed that there are limits to the MCU characters they can include on the show. Spider-Man was one of them. “I will say the one character in the MCU that really pissed off a lot of the writers in our play that we couldn’t use was Spider-Man and everyone involved – like in the Spider-Man universe.” The reasons for these limitations were either because of rights issues or because Marvel Studios has other plans that could conflict.

She-Hulk: Lawyer premieres on Disney+ on August 18.

Source: The Direct


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