Access county clerk services even when the office is closed



St. Johns County Circuit Court Clerk and Comptroller Brandon J. Patty reminds Historic City News subscribers that many clerk services are available online even when physical offices are closed.

The following resources from the St. Johns County Clerk’s Office are easily accessible via a computer or smartphone, according to an announcement sent ahead of this year’s Christmas and New Years closings.

  • Online ticket payment: The clerk’s office offers convenient ways to pay tickets, including online. Visit us at to learn more about how to make a timely payment, even after hours.
  • Real Estate Fraud Alerts: Real estate and mortgage fraud are among the fastest growing white collar crimes in the United States. Real estate fraud occurs when someone illegally uses your property for financial gain – for example, if someone registers a fraudulent act and / or lien on your property in the official St. Johns County registers. Landowners in St. Johns County can sign up for free property fraud alerts, an electronic notification service that notifies you by email whenever an official document is registered in your name with the clerk’s office. . Subscribe at
  • Unclaimed Funds: The Clerk’s Office provides public access to unclaimed funds online. You can check and claim the unclaimed sums yourself free of charge at In addition, the clerk’s office returns unclaimed funds to the State of Florida on an annual basis. So you’ll also want to check out
  • nCourt: This technology provides payment solutions and services that help meet court-ordered financial obligations. You can pay criminal and non-criminal citations online through nCourt if you don’t have a pending court date or if the case hasn’t been sent to collections. Pay at
  • E-Certify: Certified documents – such as wills, marriage licenses, divorce judgments – are available electronically for purchase 24 hours a day through the clerk’s website. Visit
  • Electronic Filing: Electronic filing is a means of electronically transmitting legal documents from a lawyer or even a self-represented litigant in court. Legal documents can also pass from court to lawyer or from one lawyer (or one party) to another. Managed by the Florida Courts E-Filing Authority, the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal serves as a single statewide access point connecting thousands of users to the Florida court system. Details are available at
  • Electronic Registration: The most cost-effective, efficient and secure method of registering your documents in official county registers is electronic registration. With electronic registration, you scan your document and use a vendor application to upload the document and associated data. No special equipment is required, just a computer with high-speed Internet access and a scanner. The original documents never leave your possession. Funds are transferred using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) for transfer taxes, recoding fees and nominal fees that are paid to the provider for processing. Visit to use one of our electronic registration providers.
  • E-Notify: E-Notify is an electronic notification system for criminal cases. Developed through a collaborative effort between the Florida State Court System, Florida Court Clerks and Comptrollers (FCCC), and the Florida Legislature, E-Notify can help you stay informed of events and hearings. courts by e-mail and / or SMS. Only adult misdemeanors, adult misdemeanors, and adult crime cases are eligible for email notifications. E-Notify Alerts are not intended to be an official notification or to replace any other clerk notification process. Sign up for email notifications at
  • Email Response: To respond to a jury summons, update contact information, or receive jury service reminders, visit E-Response at You can also watch a brief video slideshow of what to expect when asked to serve.
  • Real-time search of court records, official records, and county commission records: visit for easy access to public records maintained by the clerk’s office.



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