Access to legal aid envisaged


The Fiji Law Society was investigating the possibility of expanding legal aid benefits to allow both poor and rich access to the law.

This, according to an article published in The Fiji Times on April 10, 1980.

According to the report, company president Kishor Govind made the comment during the welcoming ceremony for the new chief justice, Judge Timoci Tuivaga.

Society believed that the law only existed for the rich and privileged.

“Equality before the law can only be achieved if the poorest and less fortunate segments of our society have access to the law,” he said. “Justice that cannot be done is justice that is denied. “

He said people need to know what their rights and obligations are before they can exercise or be aware of them.

The company had planned to embark on a community legal education program, according to the report.

“Continuing legal education was also necessary for members of the profession to enable them to keep abreast of developments in the law.

“A citizen’s greatest sense of security is knowing that he or she lives and that his conduct is not determined by the whims of one or more people, but by the rule of law.

“Therefore, for democracy to have any real meaning, it is essential that the judiciary be beyond any foreign attraction and pressure. “

Judge Govind said the appointment of Fiji’s first citizen to the country’s top judicial office was another sign of Fiji’s growing maturity as a nation.

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