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This is what the displaced islanders of Manam at the Mangem health center in Sumkar district are asking for. And they made it clear to the NID officials who went there to give them their NID cards and birth certificates.

Each leader of the four clans living in the health centers came to meet with NID officials. They took the opportunity to express their concerns about the government’s neglect of their basic rights to education and adequate health services, among others.

Raynold Kauke, Bogia Yabu LLG Ward 6 Councilor, lives at the care center. He said he had lived in the care center for 19 years. The population has increased and the land allocated to them is insufficient. Kauke said the materials they used to build houses are now scarce. He said families are now overcrowded in one house.

Kauke added that they felt disabled and wanted the Manam Restoration Authority and the government to step in and help them meet their basic needs.

“We have no land; we are hard working people. Now we live on other people’s land. We argue with the host village, which is one of the biggest problems. The host village is innocent and we are also innocent. The government brought us here and the law that the parliament had passed must be reactivated and they must tell us when they will resettle or help us.

Another islander, John Serero, said if the government could fund other natural disasters in the country, what was the reason to turn a blind eye to displaced Manam islanders who had been clamoring for service for nearly two decades.


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