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The Armenian National Committee of America – Western Region will honor Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) with the prestigious Advocate for Justice Award at the 2022 ANCA-WR Awards Gala, to be held on Sunday, September 25 at Beverly Hilton.

As a representative of the 28th District, Congressman Schiff faithfully represented the Armenian American community, becoming the leading legislative voice for recognition of the Armenian Genocide, establishing better diplomatic relations between the United States and the Republic of Armenia and promoting policies aimed at preventing future crimes against humanity in the Republic of Artsakh and worldwide. For more than two decades, he wrote and passed resolutions in favor of American recognition of the Armenian Genocide, refusing to give in to disillusionment through years of persistent and transformative legislation. He is Vice Chairman of the Congressional Armenian Caucus, representing the largest Armenian Diaspora community in the United States.

Every year, standing on the floor of the House of Representatives, the congressman has delivered remarks commemorating the Armenian Genocide, while calling for recognition, accountability and justice. His thoughtful lyrics prove that justice transcends language, as he says “Today, April 24, we are all Armenians in our quest for justice.” In 2014, he worked to ensure that the orphan Armenian rug, known historically as the Ghazir rug, would be seen in an exhibit for the White House Visitor Center in a poignant display of recognition of the Armenian Genocide and of the generosity of American aid to the Armenian people. .

Through numerous presidential administrations, he worked tirelessly to help educate his colleagues in both parties and the American people at large about the importance of gaining formal recognition of the 1915 Armenian Genocide, in which 1.5 million Armenians perished. In 2019, after decades of persistent effort and hard work, the House finally voted to pass its resolution to recognize the Armenian Genocide almost unanimously, with the Senate following suit with overwhelming bipartisan support. The adoption of this resolution sent a direct message to the world that the US government would no longer be complicit in the denial of the first genocide of the 20th century.

His valiant efforts spanning decades, with the dedication of tens of thousands of Armenian American activists and historians around the world, came to fruition when in 2021 President Joseph R. Biden issued a declarative statement and unequivocally in recognition of the Armenian Genocide, launching a new era in American foreign policy. Regarding the historic recognition of President Biden, Congressman Schiff expressed his hope to build on the historic legislation in the name of freedom and justice for all. “For Armenian Americans and all who believe in human rights and truth, recognition of the Armenian Genocide marks a historic milestone. The President of the United States has finally recognized the massacre of 1.5 million Armenians for what it was – the first genocide of the 20th century,” he said. “The President, Congress, and the American people now speak with one voice: We will never be silenced again and we will never forget.”

Congressman Schiff is a powerful voice in the House, serving as chairman of the House Standing Select Committee on Intelligence and remains an ex-officio member of the House Appropriations Committee. He previously served on both the House Judiciary Committee and the Foreign Affairs Committee since his election to Congress in 2000. Prior to his election to the House, he served as a state senator for California’s 21st district and was the most young member of the Senate at only 36 years old. He has taught numerous political science courses at Glendale Community College and enjoys engaging with his constituents to bridge the gap between people and their representatives. In addition to spearheading legislation to help the Armenian American community, he remains a leading advocate for the environment, education, veterans, and democracy protection. He embraces family values ​​in every part of his legislative record and is a loving husband to his wife Eve and the father of their children Alexa and Elijah.

True to his word, Congressman Schiff was the first congressman to seek official US recognition of the independent Republic of Artsakh. In light of the recent 44-day war, following attacks on Artsakh by Turkish-backed Azeri troops, he introduced a resolution calling for the release of Armenian prisoners of war. He remains a prominent voice in the defense of human rights and is committed to paving the way for a peaceful resolution in which the outcome is self-determination for the people of Artsakh with the full support of the international community.

In receiving the Advocate for Justice Award, Congressman Schiff is humbled, reflecting with his signature humility and renewed determination to usher in a new day in which all people can unite in the name of truth and of Justice.

“I am very grateful for the honor that I received with this year’s Lawyer for Justice award. As a representative of one of the largest Armenian diasporas in the world, I have been proud to work alongside my Armenian constituents for recognition, justice and protection for their loved ones at home and abroad. It is a privilege to bear witness to their testimonies, to study their stories and to share their hopes for the future – and to work to ensure that these stories will be shared with generations of Americans to come,” said Congressman Schiff.

“Despite the progress we have made over the past two years, with President Biden finally heeding our call for America to formally recognize the Armenian Genocide, the persecution of the Armenian people continues today with the Azerbaijan’s continued unprovoked attacks on Armenia and Artsakh.. I will not rest until the United States holds the Aliyev regime accountable for its atrocities, and the peoples of Armenia and Artsakh will finally be able to fulfill their dreams of democracy, peace and freedom,” Schiff added.

“The Armenian National Committee of America – Western Region is truly grateful to Congressman Schiff for his commitment to representing Armenian Americans and issues that are important to us. His unwavering perseverance and tenacity as a defender of justice is an inspiration to his constituents and fellow legislators,” said ANCA-WR President Nora Hovsepian, Esq. “Congressman Schiff leads with dignity and is one of the most informed voices on Armenian issues in the United States. We look forward to working with the Congressman to build a better future, reaffirming our resolve to protect the human rights of the Armenian people,” she added.

In 1966, while reflecting on the need for American leaders to stand firm in the pursuit of justice, Robert F. Kennedy expressed the impact that one man’s bravery can have on society – “Every time whether a man stands for an ideal or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes against injustice, he sends a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing from a million different and bold energy centers, these ripples create a current that can sweep away the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.” Never have these words been embodied with more grace than by Congressman Adam Schiff’s passionate dedication to the Armenian cause. of principled public service and his unwavering dedication to issues of great importance to Armenians around the world are an example of political courage for leaders in the United States and around the world.

As we reflect on the US government’s recognition of the Armenian Genocide and Congressman Schiff’s continued dedication to the Armenian cause, it is clear that the ripple effect of his public service in the pursuit of justice will inspire generations to come.
The Armenian National Committee of America – Western Region is the largest and most influential nonpartisan advocacy organization for Armenian American citizens in the western United States. Working in coordination with a network of offices, chapters, and supporters across the western United States and affiliate organizations across the country, the ANCA-WR advances the concerns of the Armenian American community on a broad spectrum. questions in the pursuit of the Armenian cause.

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