Atlanta allocates money to help residents with rent assistance


The money comes from the city’s federal COVID allowance.

ATLANTA – The threat of eviction remains a burden that countless families continue to carry. Many local governments have allocated a large portion of their federal COVID-19 grants to rental assistance programs.

The latest contributions come from the city of Atlanta, which has just approved millions of additional dollars to give some families a little more time.

Latresa Chaney’s peace of mind is on the brink.

“I’m trying to prevent getting a deportation against me,” she said on Monday.

Chaney knows she is just one late rent check away from losing her apartment.

“I could live in my car, I could survive. But it’s also taking care of my family, “she said.” It’s not just me. “

Chaney was relieved to learn on Monday that the city of Atlanta just approved spending an additional $ 12 million of its COVID19 federal rent assistance grant to help thousands of other Atlanta residents through to ‘at the end of the year. The $ 12 million is in addition to the $ 25 million the city initially spent.

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Atlanta City Council member Michael Julian Bond said the first allocation helped more than 7,000 people pay their rent. Bond said the need is great, always.

He cited information the council received that a quarter of all Atlanta residents, around 125,000 people, remain in financial danger due to the COVID economy.

“If we can help them do one more week, one more month,” Bond said. “Until they can get a better economic situation. These people may be on the brink, at their wit’s end, so we want to make sure we’re helping them.

Chaney said she was grateful. She is proud to have been able to stay up to date on her rent, unlike thousands of other tenants who are months behind, and despite her sometimes uneven and unpredictable income which often depends on the daily salary.

As it stands, it barely hits the breakeven point every week.

She was unable, she said, to receive rent money from the first round of housing assistance grants because it took her so long to prove she was qualified – she described a rigid approval process – that the money ran out first.

She’s ready to try again.

“I hope so, I hope I’m part of the next group of people they can help.”

The Atlanta Rental Assistance Program is operated by United Way of Metro Atlanta. Applicants can call 211 to learn more, but United Way urges people to download the “211 Atlanta” app on their smartphones and access services that way.


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