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The company announced on November 24, 2021 that its subsidiary LLC “Tardan Gold” had learned that a petition regarding its alleged insolvency had been filed in Tyva court, allegedly by Mr. Preston Haskell, a member of the board of directors of the company. The petition referred to an alleged debt from a loan agreement that never existed. Mr. Haskell confirmed that he had no information about the petition, and no legal claim against LLC “Tardan Gold”. The signature appearing in the petition was supposed to resemble that of Mr. Haskell, but was not his own, as confirmed by Mr. Haskell himself.

The Company has now learned that similar bogus claims have been filed by one or more as yet unidentified persons in relation to its other subsidiaries. In each case, the bogus petition is made on behalf of Mr. Haskell or Mr. Lange, the CEO of the Company. It has now become clear that someone is trying to damage the commercial reputation of the Company and its subsidiaries. The authors take advantage of the Russian judicial procedural rule, which requires that every document purporting to resemble a trial, received by a court, be registered in a court system. Thus, even completely bogus claims are saved in the system and remain there for a short time until they are written off.

Despite these hostile actions, the Company and its subsidiaries continue to operate as usual. The Company has been in contact with its main partners. All expressed their support for the Society, for which the Society is very grateful. Despite this, the Company recognizes the risk that certain counterparties will be prevented from entering into or performing contracts with subsidiaries as long as the false declarations remain in the system, due to the internal policies of these companies. The Company takes the situation seriously and appropriate legal steps have been taken to protect its legal interests. The relevant Russian authorities have been notified and the Company expects the perpetrator (s) who submitted the false documents to the courts to be identified and held accountable.

For more information please contact:

Danilo Lange, CEO
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Company name: Auriant Mining AB Short name: AUR
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Auriant Mining AB (AUR) is a Swedish junior mining company focused on the exploration and production of gold in Russia, primarily in the Republic of Tyva, Zabaikalye and the Republic of Khakassia. The company currently has four assets, including two operating mines (Tardan and Alluvial at Staroverinskaya), one early stage exploration asset and one development asset.

Since July 19, 2010, Auriant Mining shares have been traded on the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market under the abbreviated name AUR. For more information, please visit G&W Fondkommission is a certified advisor to Auriant. For more information please call +46 8 503 000 50, email [email protected] or visit

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