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Boston is one of the largest legal markets in the United States with over 2000 law firms and the major major law firms with a Boston office operating in the United States in multiple markets, but with not only the best law firms in the country, but also a range of specialists. law firms, small and medium law firms.

Boston-area firms employ about 5,000 attorneys, according to a report by Boston Packages and other company workers.

The market itself is known for its renowned and prestigious universities, as well as its medical and life science institutions with many attorneys involved in some of New England’s leading legal services involving cutting edge science work. life, intellectual property and other pioneering work.

However, it is also corporate, commercial and related work that the Boston firms also handle for international clients in corporate, private equity, venture capital, patent and government agencies, the law firms serving a bustling business scene in Boston, profiled by the legal news site Above the law as a “milder, milder version” of New York law, but while providing the same sophisticated work and work opportunities for lawyers.

1. Goodwin Procter – With nearly 430 Boston attorneys and nearly 200 Boston partners, Goodwin is also one of the largest firms in the country and the world, employing 1,800 attorneys worldwide and growing rapidly in recent years, its transactions, litigation and other work that saw his income increase. nearly $2 billion in 2021. It ranks #27 in the Vault rankings and was ranked #3 in Boston’s top law firms.

2. Strings & Grays – Employing approximately 630 attorneys and with more than 130 partners in Boston, Ropes & Gray tops the list. According to the Vault 2021 rankings, the Ropes & Gray ranks 3rd among the best law firms to work for and The American lawyer‘s Am Law 100 ranked the firm #6 in revenue and profit per partner in 2020.

LawList - Boston's 4 Largest Law Firms

3. Wilmer Hale – The super star litigation firm has 115 partners in Boston where it is headquartered, along with Washington DC. With a strong intellectual property practice and a strong commitment to pro bono work, the firm is proudly part Bostonian. It has 1,000 attorneys and offices across the United States, as well as in Asia and Europe.

4.Minz – This is the firm founded in Boston in 1933 at One Federal Street and dealing with the work of banks and wealthy Bostonians, the firm today has more than 320 Boston lawyers, including 130 partners (members) and employs 550 lawyers in its seven offices including one in London, UK and a foreign network of companies.

LawList - Boston's 5 Largest Law Firms

5. Morgan Lewis and Bockius – With nearly 180 attorneys in the firm’s Boston office, including 82 partners, Morgan Lewis is a legal powerhouse employing approximately 2,000 legal professionals in 31 offices in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The company merged with other businesses to generate additional growth and achieved over $2.5 billion in gross revenue in 2021.

6. Foley & Hoag – Another Boston law firm and one of Boston’s smaller law firms, Foley & Hoag handles a range of legal work from healthcare law to transactions and litigation. Foley Hoag has more than 140 attorneys in Boston, including 95 partners. The firm has 300 lawyers and is ranked 151st in the United States with offices also in Washington DC, New York and Paris. It has revenues of more than $290 million in 2021 and was ranked 121st in The American Lawyer’s 2022 Am Law 200 ranking (198th most profitable firms in the world).

LawList - Boston's 6 Largest Law Firms

7. Nixon Peabody – 75 partners in the firm’s Boston office with more than 700 attorneys in its offices in the United States and abroad. Nixon Peabody ranks 67th Skipamong the 100 best law firms and n°75 on the American lawyer The company has revenues of around $530 million, with the most recent reports showing a nearly 5% increase in profit per partner. It also has a high ranking for employee satisfaction.

8. Holland & Knight – The Florida-based company has 79 partners in Boston with more than 130 professional employees. The firm has more than 1,700 lawyers and other legal professionals internationally in the United States, Europe, Asia and North Africa. It had revenues of $1.4 billion in 2001 and ranks 60th in the Vault rankings.

9. Fish & Richardson – With 70 attorneys in the Boston office, including 39 “seniors,” the firm is renowned for its intellectual property, patent and litigation practice, employing more than 400 attorneys in the United States and Europe.

10. Kirkland and Ellis – Another global law firm, Kirkland & Ellis, has massive revenues of over $6 billion according to filings and has more than 70 attorneys, including nearly 50 partners in the Boston office, which opened in 2017 to handle bankruptcy and restructuring, private equity and corporate labor. He is #7 in the Vault rankings.

11. Choate Hall & Stewart – This Boston firm has 215 lawyers, including 45 partners, and ranks among the largest “local” law firms based and practicing in Boston. Unlike other companies with multinational and national offices, Choate works solely from the Boston office and celebrates his ability to handle “high stakes” work in a friendly, collegial environment at his home in Boston.

LawList - The 7 Largest Law Firms in Boston

12. Latham and Watkins – A powerful global firm with 28 Boston partners and 100 legal professionals, LW is based in Los Angeles and is the first law firm in the world to cross the $5 billion revenue barrier, now reaching nearly 5, $5 billion in revenue.

13.Arent Fox Schiff – Another large law firm which, like Latham & Watkins, has 28 Boston partners and 50 professional staff in the firm’s Boston office. The firm had $45 million in revenue in 2021 and ranked 111th on The American Lawyer’s 2022 Am Law 200. In the 2021 Global 200 survey, it ranked as the 148th most profitable law firm in the world.

Multiple rankings of Boston’s top lawyers span multiple publications, with boston magazine rank the best lawyers individually from the firms above and many others and provide legal services for everything from life sciences to real estate law and commercial litigation.

It’s not just the big law firms that necessarily have the best attorneys for different areas of legal work, but the range of Massachusetts attorneys providing legal work is vast and includes some of the most talented attorneys in America.


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