Bridging the gap between the courts and the community


It’s inevitable – we’ll all have to go to court at some point. The Erie County Bar Association wants to make a trip to the courtroom more comfortable and stress-free by hosting a conversation tonight.

They hope to bridge a gap between the community and the courts, encouraging people to volunteer to serve on juries, apply for jobs and ask for help if they need it. The primary goal is to build trust within communities of color.

“People are here to help, people here who are like them…there are many opportunities that people don’t know they can help to diversify the justice system,” said Justice Craig Hannah, Chief Justice, Buffalo City Courts.

The event is free and topics include job opportunities, New York State Court Officers Academy, New York State Specialty Courts, COURTS program, service information of the jury, help center information and family court resources. The 8th JD Advisory Group of the Franklin H. Williams Judicial Commission put all of this in place.

Watch virtually or attend a community watch party on February 22 at 6:30 a.m. at Calvary Baptist Church located at 1184 Genesee St, Buffalo, NY 14211 or BAEC Headquarters 438 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14202.

Register in advance for this meeting, click here.


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