Brooklyn Center considers police reform and budget cuts


“These strategies include items such as unarmed personnel for non-motorized traffic violations, unarmed mental health and social work practitioners responding to 911 calls for mental health and social assistance.” , said Edwards. “And there are other things such as issuing subpoenas and subpoenas instead of arrests for certain offenses.”

Edwards also said city council should eventually consider slashing the Brooklyn Center Police Department by about 10% by $ 10 million by not filling currently vacant police stations.

“We have 14 vacancies in the police department right now, and what’s the impact of moving those positions and taking that $ 1.2 million or $ 1.3 million and using it somewhere else?” Edwards said.

Jim Mortenson, executive director of Law Enforcement Legal Services, the union representing Brooklyn Center police officers, said it would be counterproductive and short-sighted to eliminate what he claims is a 30% downsizing of Brooklyn Center police.

“The harsh reality is that violent crime in the Brooklyn Center has increased in 2020 and continues to increase this year,” Mortenson said. “So with more and more police calls for officers to deal with, it doesn’t make much sense to offer to fund the department at this time.”

Mortenson said residents and businesses of the Brooklyn Center should be aware of the possibility that their police department will face budget cuts next year and speak out publicly about the proposal.

“If this passes, they will be victimized over and over again because you just won’t have enough law enforcement to handle service calls,” Mortenson said.

The Brooklyn Center city council is expected to act on the proposals on Monday.


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