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Hello everyone

I live in South Africa, I am married and have 2 children, 1 in grade 10 and 1 in grade 5. We have reached the point in the process where I have to provide a salary expectation. I can research tuition and accommodation, but would like to hear from experienced people on what is reasonable to expect. The position is at a bank based in SIlicon Oasis. My husband probably won’t work as he is currently working in the NGO sector and is unlikely to find anything so I will need to know what is a fair to good salary for a senior business analyst (IT role) to support a family of 4 who will need a 3 bedroom, 2 car home and high school and elementary school tuition plus medical and moving expenses. Are there any other costs I need to be aware of other than utilities and internet? Any recommendations for communities where we could make friends and socialize easily in Silicon Oasis as well as recommendations for churches with great programs for children and teens would be a welcome bonus. Thanks very much :)


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