Chief Justice Magrey launches “NSTEP” app


Chief Justice Magrey launches “NSTEP” app

Inaugurates the Office of Defense Legal Aid Lawyers

Posted by RK News on Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Srinagar, October 18: The Chief Justice of the High Court of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, Justice Ali Mohammad Magrey, paid his first visit to the Moominabad District Court complex in Srinagar on Tuesday after taking up his duties as a judge in chief.
The Chief Justice had detailed interaction with members of the Bar, including its younger members.
Earlier, the Chief Justice was received by the Chief Judge of Srinagar District and Sessions, Jawad Ahmad, all Judicial Officers and members of the Bar.
Judge Magrey issued instructions on the spot to remedy most of the issues raised by the bar.
Responding to the projected demand by members of the bar for the filling of vacancies for judges at the district headquarters, the Chief Justice assured them that these vacancies would be filled within a week.
The Chief Justice had a meeting with the civil and police administration officers to take stock of all outstanding issues mainly related to infrastructure.
The Chief Justice immediately issued instructions to the Divisional Commissioner and District Administration to expedite the acquisition of land outside the main entrance to the court complex. He also gave on-site instructions to the Department of Floriculture to use the funds already released for landscape and park development in the court complex wisely.
On occasion, the Chief Justice launched an “application” called National Services and Electronic Process Monitoring (NSTEP) for Srinagar District, an initiative of the Electronic Committee of the Supreme Court of India. The aim of this initiative is the efficient service of summonses and notifications in civil and criminal cases electronically, the notification being generated in the CIS system and these summonses/notifications being transmitted to the processing server on his smartphone.
The bailiff will approach the person concerned, obtain his signature on the smartphone and take the snapshot of the formal notice and send it to the court concerned, which will be assimilated to a valid notification made to the formal notice. . The launch of this NSTEP service in the Srinagar district is a big step in electronic process service.
The Chief Justice also inaugurated the office of the Legal Aid Defense Counsel at the ADR Center in Srinagar and participated in the planting campaign by planting a Chinese sapling in the court complex.
Judge Magrey also had an interaction with the Srinagar District Bailiffs.


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