Christenson campaign: Congresswoman Gwen Moore endorses George Christenson for court clerk job


MILWAUKEE—Congresswoman Gwen Moore today endorsed George Christenson in the running for Milwaukee County Clerk. This is a critical position to address current challenges in the court system, including a massive backlog in Milwaukee County Courts. Congresswoman Moore adds her name to more than 50 other local leaders who have already endorsed Christenson, after Milwaukee County judges selected him as acting clerk.

“George Christenson was a community leader and a champion of suffrage,” said MP Moore. “He provides much-needed leadership as Milwaukee County Clerk. George is currently making the necessary reforms to reduce the backlog and improve operations. Access to a well-functioning justice system is a matter of justice because justice delayed is justice denied. He has my full support. »

“I’m incredibly honored to have Congresswoman Gwen Moore’s endorsement,” Christenson said. “In all the years I have known Gwen, she has been a champion of justice and fairness. She is a fighter for the most vulnerable in our community, and I am determined to help her by ensuring that the residents of Milwaukee County have the best justice system in America.


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