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City of Berlin – Request for Proposals – Legal Services The City of Berlin, Vermont, seeks qualifications and proposals from law firms or attorneys qualified to serve as the City’s general legal advisor. The City can choose one or more lawyers or firms to meet the specific needs of the City. Please submit the following information to Vincent Conti, City Administrator no later than Friday October 1, 2021. The information below and any supporting documents can be submitted by mail, 108 Shed Road, Berlin, VT 05602, or by email to townadministrator @berlinvt. govt. City Government Profile The City of Berlin is a municipality in Washington County, Vermont, with a population of approximately 2,800. The annual operating budget for all funds is approximately $ 3.3 million for fiscal year 2021. The government consists of an elected selection committee of five members and an appointed city administrator. Services Requested The City of Berlin is looking for one or more lawyers or law firms with expertise in the provision of municipal legal services. Applicants must be licensed in the state of Vermont and be in good standing. Substantial experience and understanding of Vermont municipal laws is essential. All of these experiences and skills should be noted in any proposal. The successful candidate (s) will provide the selection committee, municipal staff and its affiliated boards, committees, departments and commissions with general or specific legal advice, including, but not limited to: 1. Legal research and / or advice advisory 2. Examination and / or drafting of resolutions, ordinances and motions 3. Examination and / or drafting of contracts and agreements 4. Search of titles, notices of titles and representation of the City in the context of real estate transactions 5. Representation and / or litigation support in Vermont and federal courts, arbitrations and mediations 6. Advice and representation regarding personnel and collective bargaining matters 7. Land Use Act, including zoning enforcement and litigation 8 Advice and consultation in the areas of property taxation and tax sales 9. Participation in municipal meetings, as requested 10. Any other matter as directed The nomination is subject to annual review and approval by the Berlin Selection Committee. Submission Requirements Please submit a cover letter and the following information: 1. Identification of the primary contact person 2. Identification of the roles of each lawyer or team member 3. Statement regarding the capacity of the firm / individual to complete the tasks assigned by the City in a timely manner 4. Areas of expertise and years of relevant experience for each lawyer, including professional background, education, certifications and municipal clients 5. A certificate of insurance, issued by an insurance company licensed in the State of Vermont, for the firm / person, showing the amount of professional liability insurance and any other insurance coverage in effect on the date of response 6 The hourly rates to be charged by each lawyer, paralegal and legal assistant; or if a flat-rate fee is offered, the amount of such flat-rate fee 7. How expenses and reimbursable costs are calculated and applied 8. At least three professional references, with their contact details, who have knowledge relating to your experience in the service municipal or related legal services. Selection criteria The City intends to award the contract to the most qualified company (s) or person (s) who best meet the needs and interests of the City of Berlin. Successful attorneys / firms will be judged on the basis of a review and comparison of the information set out in the submission requirements and information provided during interviews, upon request, with the city administrator, the committee of selection or other elected and appointed municipal officials. The City reserves the right to reject any submission, to negotiate or renegotiate terms with applicants and / or to repost or otherwise proceed in the best interests of the City. All responses will be treated confidentially, unless otherwise required by law. Any questions can be addressed to Vincent Conti, municipal administrator, at 802-552-8801.

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