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A new $250,000 elevator for the Cortland County Courthouse was discussed at Tuesday’s building and grounds meeting.

On Tuesday, lawmakers unanimously approved the recommendation for a potential new lift unanimously. The county legislature as a whole will vote on the item during its session at 6 p.m. on September 22.

County Administrator Rob Corpora noted that the project is expected to come from Cortland County’s 2023 budget.

“We can use the balance of unrestricted funds,” he said. “If we get a grant, we can use it and not use the fund balance.”

The elevator is one of many improvements planned to renovate the county courthouse. Some of these projects include roof renovationsas good as a redesign of the building’s historic steps.

While the project doesn’t have a specific timeline, County Buildings and Grounds Manager Chuck Miller said the installation company said this project was “next in line.”

“The Kone installation crews came, they wanted to make sure everything was correct and ready to get this project off the ground,” he said. “As soon as their draft of what they should do to the unit is complete. Having this resolution can speed up the order process and get it accepted. »

Legislator Ann Homer (D-LD-7) asked if the project would be covered by public funds typically earmarked for projects involving the justice system. Miller noted that the county could receive 25% of 72% of whatever the county spends on the project because it is an improvement covered by the state court system. Otherwise, Miller said, the county could seek other grants.

Other lawmakers have asked questions about the system’s potential historical value.

“Does the Cortland County Historical Society have historical value?” Would they want to keep some of it, before it was taken out and ransacked? asked Legislative Minority Leader Beau Harbin (D-LD-2).


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