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FAYETTEVILLE – Margaret Sova McCabe will step down as dean of the University of Arkansas law school at the end of June, the university said on Tuesday.

Hired in 2018, Sova McCabe has championed various service initiatives for law school students while overseeing an increase in enrollment. She will continue at AU as a law professor after stepping down as dean, the university said.

“The timing of this news ensures that the provost will have sufficient time to consult with faculty regarding the leadership transition so that we can remain institutionally strong,” Sova McCabe said in a statement. “Despite the changing roles at the end of the academic year, my enthusiastic support for our university and the law school community will not falter.”

Sova McCabe, 51, gave no reason to step down, but in her statement she said she was “excited to re-engage” with her teaching and research interests as well as various collaborations.

In a text message to the Democrat-Gazette, she did not directly explain why she was leaving the post of dean, but referred to data on the average time spent as a dean in law.

An online resource known as the Rosenblatt Deans Database lists the average length of current deans in office at 4.04 years and the average length of former law deans at 5.06 years. By June 30, Sova McCabe will have served four years as the AU’s dean of law.

“I am proud of my service – especially during the pandemic – and as the announcement says, back to teaching, research and service,” she said in the text message.

She came to AU from the University of New Hampshire Law School, where she was a faculty member and associate dean. His research has included examining legal and regulatory topics related to food, including sustainable food systems.

Under his leadership, the University of Arkansas Law School launched a summer public scholarship program in 2019.

The initiative provides law students with paid opportunities in public interest and civil service law, with students assisting nonprofit and non-governmental organizations or government entities that might not otherwise be able to pay for it. summer help, according to the law school’s website.

“She developed the program and she made sure there was support for the program,” said Annie Smith, associate professor of law and director of the faculty of public service and the faculty of pro bono program. law.

Smith said the law school, under the direction of Sova McCabe, has also created a pro bono scholarship program for third-year law students. The university described the initiative as granting a stipend to “exemplary” students interested in providing free or low-cost legal services to help the public.

The AU Law School enrolled 388 students last fall, up from 368 students enrolled in fall 2018, according to university data.

Acting rector Terry Martin said in a statement he was “very grateful” that Sova McCabe remains a member of the law school. The university expects to appoint an interim dean for the 2022-2023 academic year, according to Tuesday’s announcement, and Martin will appoint a search committee to find the next dean.

Sova McCabe earns $ 300,237 as a dean of law and – after her resignation and transition to a nine-month professorship – would earn a salary of $ 221,140 based on her current rate of pay, the door said. – spoken by the AU, Mark Rushing.


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