Democratic Senate leaders unveil bill to legalize marijuana


But another group, Smart Approaches to Marijuana, advocated a more deliberate approach.

“Decriminalizing minor possession of marijuana and removing past records was a key part of President Joe Biden’s platform and should be the way forward, but we cannot let the interests of the drug industry go. For-profit marijuana and its investors cloud the discussion, “Kevin Sabet” As we have done with COVID, we need to heed the science and be cautious in standardizing and promoting marijuana use, ” said the organization’s president and former senior drug policy adviser to the Obama administration.

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The bill would end years of conflicting federal rules in states that have legalized cannabis and implement regulations for the first time in a booming marijuana market. To date, recreational marijuana use is legal for adults in 18 states, Washington, DC, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands. Medicinal use is legal in 37 states, Washington, DC, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands.

Under the draft bill, people would no longer be at risk of deportation due to cannabis use. Health care providers from the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Indian Health Service could prescribe marijuana for medical purposes.

The bill would not override the laws of states where marijuana remains illegal and maintain the ban on transporting large amounts of marijuana within those states.


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