Flippa raises the bar on deal closing experience with “Deal Room”


Deal Room speeds up the process for sellers of online businesses and digital assets to negotiate and close a deal; Pool of Flippa buyers over 10 billion per month with 72B in market value

AUSTIN, TX, June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — flippathe world’s #1 online marketplace for buying and selling online businesses and digital assets, today announced the launch of “Deal Room” – a new and improved experience for Flippa customers that makes it easier for sellers to manage than ever more interested buyers, to negotiate and close a deal quickly.

“Despite the uncertainty in the market, online commerce and the flow of digital asset transactions is really exploding,” said Blake Hutchinson, CEO of Flippa. “Investors have recognized that profitable digital assets such as e-commerce stores, content sites and apps are an undervalued and undervalued asset class that will prove safe – even in a recession. Since January alone, we have seen our buyer base grow by over 10 billion per month.”

Deal Room dramatically improves the seller experience on the Flippa platform by bringing together all buyers who have shown interest in your listing, allowing you to clearly gauge and manage interest. Hutchinson added: “With 72B in market value pending deployment, our goal with Deal Room is to create the best environment and deal flow platform that supports the massive shift in momentum towards investing in this new alternative asset class .”

Until now, the software platforms that manage the complex process from deal flow to acquisition have been tailored to the enterprise market, which is the top performing 0.1% to 1% of all acquisitions. With Deal Room, Flippa is the first to bring integrated, transparent and powerful software to large transactions (500k at $2 million income) and for the lower middle market ($2 million at $50 million revenue). Sellers can easily review and shortlist the most attractive buyers, archive unsuitable buyers, and focus on the most attractive exit opportunities.

Key Deal Room features now available on Flippa include:

  • Rate buyers and manage your inbox. Sellers can choose which buyers they want to transact with and control the order from their inbox with just one click. Pin preferred buyers to the top of your inbox with “shortlist” or send unsuitable ones to the bottom with “archive.”
  • Message preview. Sellers can quickly analyze buyer interest and preview messages from all buyers. The most recent messages will appear at the top, and you’ll see notification icons for any new unread messages.
  • Act immediately. No other platform lets you close the deal with the flexibility of our enhanced listing panel. Place a bid, make an offer, auto-generate or download a Letter of Intent without having to return to the listing page.
  • Add third parties. Add trusted advisors and business partners to your threads and deals using the “Add people to chat” button.
  • Transparent conclusion of the transaction. Select “Complete My Agreement” from the list panel and quickly navigate to our agreement completion area. The Transaction Completion area contains all the information and resources you need to complete a transaction – from due diligence reports and legal services to integrated payment processing through Escrow.com.

On track to list $1 billion in market value by the end of 2022, Flippa’s overall transaction volume has consistently increased by 400% YoY. The company is expanding its presence in Austin, TX with plans to move into new office space and double the workforce by the end of this year.

For more details visit https://flippa.com/product/deal-room.

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Flippa democratizes exiting and empowers business ownership as the #1 global platform to buy and sell online businesses and digital assets, such as websites, e-commerce stores, apps, social media accounts, newsletters and online businesses. Flippa has more buyers than any other platform, with 600,000 monthly searches for investors looking to acquire businesses. To find out more visit Flippa.com.

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