Fundraising: “Keeping a mother and child together”


“Dear Popville,

A dear friend of mine is in a custody battle and needs our help. Although our small but mighty community has been able to help in many ways, we simply do not have the resources to support the additional costs of legal services. We are still far from our fundraising goal and she needs to replenish the deposit soon.

My hope with this effort is that we can bring the vast collective resources of our DC community to help this amazing mom and the little human she is raising with so much love and grace into this world.

The GoFundMe said:

“One of the best humans we know needs our help. Because she’s in the middle of a tough custody dispute with her ex, this request is a lifeline for a loved one who will need to remain anonymous. for the moment.

Our dear friend fled the home she shared with her ex, to seek safety for herself and her 7-week-old child last year.

After a protective order failed because the judge “saw” no signs of abuse, she sought refuge in a community of loved ones where her baby could grow and thrive. Her child, whom we affectionately call “Tiny”—with loving irony because this radiant, curious, playful and mischievous soul is anything but—lived her best life with mom and her loved ones.

Today, our friend is in the middle of a custody battle in a system against her. Our friend is a single mother working with limited resources that have been depleted as she builds a secure life for herself and Tiny. Her child’s father is seeking full custody of Tiny, and his case against her includes a demand that she cover his legal fees and pay child support, despite her own financial resources.

After months of very poor legal representation that has deeply damaged her case, she is rebuilding herself in preparation for a custody hearing in September and needs a competent, efficient and resourced attorney if she has a chance. to obtain justice. We were able to find a trustworthy legal team to take on his case, and that’s where we need your help.

Mom’s new legal team needs a down payment of $14,000 and $275+/hour to get started. This fee is just the start – as her case progresses, we expect this amount to increase. (Once the provision dips below $7,000, we will need to replenish it to continue.) And we need to act urgently – the setbacks from its previous performance were devastating and we are making up for lost time.

Our small but mighty community has been able to provide support in many ways, but we need your help to support this legal battle and their continued daily lives. This fundraising will be used directly to pay their legal fees; once these are covered, any additional funds will cover their modest monthly living expenses of $2,000 per month.

Our friend and mom from Tiny is someone we’ve known for almost a decade. He is a deeply loving person with deep integrity, warmth and compassion. She and Tiny face daunting circumstances, but despite it all, we’ve seen their bond blossom and deepen; we’ve seen the most gracious and loving mom raise a vibrant little human with the spirit and value of care, community and generosity. And we fight with everything we have to keep them together.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your support. »


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