It will support those affected by allegations of workplace fraud in Canada with legal advice


HUANÍMARO, GTO.- It is known that at least 100 people from this municipality of Huanmarens have been affected by the alleged fraud by promising to work in Canada only after completing the registration process and paying for other human rights. likewise, Many people will be a hoax asking for loan money to comply with the requirement and eventually rob them all, in addition to providing documents to incorporate their record.

In a humiliating situation and for which justice will be demanded, the municipal government sympathizes with these people who were deceived and whose relatives betrayed themselves a moment later.

that the father or a family member was already working abroad that he had been promised, but when he practically started traveling, he realized that it was all a lie and he was only deceived and many took his money with all the work and even promised to return when he received his first payment.

Municipal President Laura Villalpando Arroyo expressed her sorrow at the situation and said in an interview with El Sol de Irapuato that it would be necessary for the legal department and a full team of lawyers to provide advice and legal assistance to officials. of this alleged crime to file a complaint. ready to supply. Available. Fraud.

We are talking about more than 400 people who participated at the invitation of an organization with headquarters in Abasolo and those who participated and endeavored to meet all the requirements on time. are from this municipality of Huanimaro, so as a municipal authority, as president, I tell you that you are not alone and we are here to support you, because what they did to you is not just, Therefore, the head of the legal sector was responsible from that moment, to accompany the persons concerned in the handling of their complaint.

On the other hand, the first mayor pointed out that after an information meeting held in the auditorium of the “Bicentennial” House, there was no lack of people who did not share with him or his government for the engage in the issue. Don’t sympathize. of culture in this regard. The manager explained that she only knew that the place of the meeting had been requested that the municipal administration had nothing to do with it, since they were foreigners, being from Huanimarens, who requested it, This has been given as a facility could have had a unique garden or any other public space as this would only give the schedule to those who were recruited for the job.

But hey, where things come from and from whom, as well as their constructive comments, we must ignore, because we know that human beings can make mistakes, as well as good ones.

The issue that concerns us and to which the municipal government will give great attention is done through the legal department and a full team of lawyers working in Canada with the promise of providing comprehensive advice and support to those who commit fraud. Attention is paid to their formalization. File a complaint against those responsible and seek justice through the complaint.


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