James Scott Farrin joins Bell legal group in fight to help victims of Camp Lejeune contamination


The law firms of James Scott Farrin is taking cases and working closely with Bell’s legal group on a case that could total more than a million plaintiffs against the government.

DURHAM, North Carolina, August 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Nearly one million military members, families, workers and trainees at Camp Lejeune between 1953 and 1987 were exposed to highly contaminated drinking water and may have suffered tremendous health problems as a result. Their opportunity to seek justice has finally come.

The law firm of James Scott Farrin, one of the largest plaintiff firms in North Carolina, has partnered with Caroline from the south Bell Legal Group on behalf of Camp Lejeune victims of water contamination. Bell Legal Group was instrumental in passing legislation granting victims the ability to seek compensation and has chosen to partner with James Scott Farrin to help the victims.

“These people, many of whom are in our armed forces, have simply been denied any chance to seek justice. Ed Bell bravely defended the adoption of the new law, and the door is finally open to these victims. We can finally help them,” said James S. FarrinPresident and Chief Executive Officer of the Law Firms of James Scott Farrin. “We want to try to make sure no one is left behind by this contamination.”

Camp Lejeune cases of water contamination could potentially be massive action against the government, something with which James Scott Farrin is familiar. Farrin’s firm previously conducted one of the largest civil rights cases in history against the US government, representing thousands of Black farmers discriminated against by the Ministry of Agriculture.

In the Black Farmers case, Farrin’s company found a way to process nearly 100,000 potential claimants in multiple states within 180 days. Each claimant was given the opportunity to discuss their discrimination complaint one-on-one with a lawyer. The result was a $1.25 billion government settlement on behalf of black farmers.*

“The Camp Lejeune Business can present massive legal and logistical challenges, but nothing we haven’t overcome in the past,” Farrin said. “The challenges are similar to those we overcame with the Black Farmers case, and it gives us added confidence that we will be able to help the Camp Lejeune the victims too.”

The law firms of James Scott Farrin is currently looking for possible victims and accept clients for Camp Lejeune pollution lawsuits.


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*Each case is unique and should be assessed on its own merits. Previous results do not guarantee a similar result. Re Black Farmers Discrimination Litigation, Law Firms of James Scott Farrin led a corporate team to recover $1.25 billion for black farmers from the US government for discrimination.

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