Kalispell murder suspect released from Flathead County jail


A Kalispell man accused of killing his wife after first claiming she fell down a staircase was released from Flathead County Detention Center in mid-November following a substantial cutback of the deposit.

Bradley Hillious posted the $ 100,000 bond 10 days later after his Livingston-based attorney, Jami Rebsom, filed a notice stating that his client would reside in Livingston. Flathead District Judge Robert Allison ordered the bond reduced on November 8, saying it was “sufficient to secure his future appearance in court.” Allison cited the accused’s stable physical and mental condition, family ties to Flathead County, work as a firefighter and lack of criminal history as reasons to support the reduction.

The bond was initially set at $ 750,000 after Hillious’ arrest in December 2020. Allison reduced it to $ 500,000 in January after Rebsom argued that her client did not pose a flight risk and did not had not fled between the time of the alleged incident and his arrest on December 24. 2020.

In October, Rebsom argued that the $ 500,000 bond was “oppressive.” Since Hillious’s trial has been postponed until Jan. 3, 2022, the lawyer argued, his release allows him to assist in his defense. In addition, she said, he does not pose a danger to the community, does not present any risk of absconding and does not have a criminal history, according to documents.

Hillious is charged with one count of intentional homicide for allegedly attacking and killing his wife, Amanda Hillious, at their home on December 15. She died in hospital four days later. Doctors who treated her observed a laceration to her head, a lacerated liver and broken ribs. An autopsy later determined that she died of “blunt injuries associated with compression of the neck.”

According to court records, Flathead County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived at the Hillious’ home on December 15 at Willow Glen Trail in Kalispell where they were greeted by Scott Hillious, Bradley’s father, who directed them to the body of ‘Amanda near the bottom of the stairs. MPs found Bradley Hillious trying to rescue his unresponsive wife.

Emergency responders arrived at the house shortly after and transported Amanda to the hospital.

According to the prosecution documents, Scott and Bradley were both present in the house when Amanda’s injuries occurred, as were the couple’s four children, aged 1, 3, 5 and 11. The men initially said they were both in their respective bedrooms when Bradley overheard someone. scream and find Amanda lying at the bottom of the stairs. Scott told law enforcement his son told him Amanda fell down the stairs.

However, two of the couple’s children said they witnessed a fight between their parents and heard their mother shouting “call 911” and “arrest Brad” during the altercation. Bradley Hillious admitted later on the day of his arrest that he had been having an affair and he and Amanda had a physical altercation the morning she suffered the fatal injuries.

On December 24, Scott Hillious reportedly committed suicide after detectives asked Scott and Bradley for a follow-up interview.

Hillious reported the death to authorities and said his father walked up to him and said, “I can’t do this anymore. I’m not going to jail. Love you. ”Bradley Hillious was arrested later today.

Amanda Hillious had previously filed for a protection order against her husband and stepfather in April after confronting Bradley over an affair. He responded violently, smashing two phones, pinning her against a wall and a vehicle, putting his hands around her neck and threatening to kill her, according to records. She also alleged that Scott Hillious threatened her when she tried to leave with the couple’s children. Amanda later withdrew the request for the protection order after she and her husband agreed to receive marriage counseling, court documents show.

In September 2021, Hillious’ defense attorney filed a motion seeking confidential criminal justice information on an EMT that responded to news of Amanda’s death. Allison denied the request on Nov. 9, citing a lack of relevant information.

According to documents, the EMT, a witness in the case, was charged on February 22, 2021, with sex without consent, a felony. The EMT entered into a plea deal with the state on September 9, pleading guilty.

Hillious legal counsel filed a motion in the weeks following the plea agreement, calling him a “major relevant factor in this case” and asked for interviews with all of the medical staff who responded, saying he There had been “medical negligence or malpractice” in Amanda’s treatment of incorrectly locating an airway and airflow and applying a chest compression device incorrectly.

In April, Hillious’ attorney filed a motion to dismiss the case over the state’s failure to preserve exculpatory evidence and the intentional destruction of evidence, which the court denied.

Hillious faces life imprisonment if convicted of intentional manslaughter.

He is due to stand trial from January 3, 2022.


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