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As fiscal year 2021-2022 begins in Los Angeles, the city’s new COVID-19 Eviction Defense Program is also offering free legal representation, counseling, and education workshops to city tenants earning $ 80. % or less of the region’s median income and have been affected by the pandemic.

The $ 10 million COVID-19 Eviction Defense Program is designed to reach over 100,000 households over the next two years and provide free pre-eviction counseling, free legal representation and tenant outreach, including weekly educational workshops.

The city has contracted with the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles to provide representation in conjunction with a consortium of legal service providers.

“We want you to know that your city is on your side. We believe in a right to housing, and we believe that you should stay in your accommodation, ”Garcetti said.

People are eligible for legal aid under the program if they are:

– Residents of the city of Los Angeles, regardless of their immigration status;

– Have suffered a loss of income or face displacement related to COVID-19;

– Have an annual family income equal to or less than 80% of the region’s median income, which translates to $ 66,250 for a one-person household, $ 75,700 for a two-person household, $ 85,150 for a three-person household and $ 94,600 for a four-person household. person household.

The program was in preparation before the COVID-19 pandemic, Garcetti said on Wednesday. He also reminded Angelenos that the city, county and state are currently under a moratorium on evictions until at least September 30, and that state and local governments are working to reimburse rent for those who could not pay due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The governor said he thought (the state) would pay off all people’s rents. We’re not saying quite the same proclamation, but it’s going to come closer and certainly for people who have less than 50% of the region’s median income, in other words, our lowest income residents, ”a Garcetti said.

Ann Sewill, executive director of the Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department, urged Angelenos to use the program.

“If you are a tenant or know someone who is facing eviction, we encourage you to seek help through the ‘Stay Housed’ eviction defense program,” she said. declared.

Along with the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, the city has partnered with Stay Housed LA and Strategic Actions For a Just Economy for the program.

Garcetti said the city has partnered with local community organizations because “they are the ones who have the networks, contacts and trust on the ground in all neighborhoods.”


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