Legal Aid, Judicial Authority Established to Provide Assistance to the Poor, Senate Said


Legal Aid, Judicial Authority Established to Provide Assistance to the Poor, Senate Said

The Senate was informed that the Legal Aid and Justice Authority was established to provide legal, financial and other assistance to the poor and vulnerable segments of society.

Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari told the House during Question Time that currently legal aid is provided by pro bono lawyers. She said that the financial and financial rules of the Authority have been sent to the Finance Division for approval. She said campaigns have also been launched to raise awareness of the legal aid provided by the Legal Aid and Justice Authority.

The Minister of Human Rights said that we have also drafted a bill criminalizing enforced disappearances. She said the bill had already been passed by the National Assembly, asking the Senate to take it for approval.

Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan said at home that a multi-buyer, multi-seller electricity system will be launched by May this year to enable consumers to buy electricity. electricity on a competitive basis with any electricity producer. He said the government is also encouraging the installation of solar energy systems based on net metering in accordance with the regulations of the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority. He said three hundred megawatts of net metering had been done in the last three years.

Ali Muhammad Khan said a system was being installed to control electricity theft and reduce line losses.

Raising a point of order, the head of the PTI, Faisal Javed, stressed the need for a system that guarantees the development of the country in the public interest. He said Prime Minister Imran Khan led a struggle for the welfare of the people. He said the country has been set in the right direction.

At first, Senate Speaker Sadiq Sanjrani said the chamber would hold a discussion on the Kashmir dispute on Friday only to express solidarity with the oppressed people of Kashmir.

Sadiq Sanjrani said a session of the chamber will also be held in Muzaffarabad at the request of Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir. He indicated that ambassadors and human rights representatives will also be invited to the session.

Earlier, Head of House Shahzad Waseem pointed out that the whole nation observes February 5 as Kashmir Solidarity Day to send a message to the global community that Pakistan strongly supports its brothers and sisters in Kashmir in their legitimate struggle for the right to self-determination.


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