Legal expert goes it alone after more than a decade in the industry


A legal expert with over a decade of industry experience has decided to “go it alone” – to help businesses grow and succeed.

Suraj Rana started in the legal sector during her university studies when she was only 19 years old.

Over the past 12 years he has worked for various companies throughout the UK, eventually specializing in corporate investment.

Now 31, Suraj, who lives in Trentham, runs Sole Legal Services, which offers a variety of services covering private equity investments, bespoke contracts and agreements and start-up law.

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Suraj said: “I came down a very traditional path in a very traditional field of work. I studied locally for five years at Staffordshire University Law School and worked for smaller companies around Stoke-on-Trent.

“After finishing my university studies, I very quickly worked in medium-sized law firms and in four years, I worked my way up to one of the largest law firms in the world.

“With its headquarters in Washington DC, I had great opportunities to work on large files with some of the best experts.

“In September 2020 – during the pandemic – I launched Sole Legal Services,” Suraj added.

“Our services cover everything from sale and exchange contracts and shareholder agreements to advice on commercial transactions.

“More recently, we launched a subscription service that allows us to take on the role of a lawyer, or full-time lawyer, within a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME). We are available when our clients need us – and come at a fraction of the price.”

Going forward, Suraj wants Sole Legal Services to be seen as one of the best service providers in North Staffordshire.

He said: “My aim is to provide my expertise to more medium-sized and high-growth businesses and further establish Sole Legal Services in North Staffordshire.

“I want to continue to serve large companies through our subscription model and help them grow from the cradle to the grave.”


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