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HYDERABAD: Declaring that not even one percent of people engaged in criminal cases receive free legal aid, Senior Supreme Court Judge and Executive Chairman of the National Legal Services Authority Judge Uday Umesh Lalith said on Sunday that ‘it was urgent to send through the message that people can access justice thanks to a free legal service on the one hand and to maintain quality legal assistance at their disposal on the other hand.
He was speaking to individuals and legal professionals in Sanga Reddy after inaugurating, along with Telangana Chief Justice Satish Chandra Sharma, a camp module to train Legal Services Authorities (LSA) for the massive program a nationwide legal awareness campaign that began on October 2 and would culminate on November 14, Children’s Day.
He also released the visual theme song performed by the adviser to the state legal services authority, Dr. Sai Prasad, who tried to spread the message of free legal aid to all levels. In addition to asking senior lawyers to provide free legal services through the LSAs, the senior judge of the Supreme Court also briefed the audience on his efforts and deliberations with key leaders of the Bar Council of India to indoctrinate the concept of free legal service in the minds of young lawyers.
“May the legal aid be the Raj Marg to enter the temple of justice. But to get there, we have to generate confidence in people’s minds that they are getting an equally good legal service even if they go through a free legal aid structure, ”Judge Lalith said while revealing to the public. the pathetic story of a Delhi businessman who became poor after paying hefty fees to a team of Bombay lawyers for only six adjournments. We need to give people the option to opt for legal aid and they should not later repent of not being able to use the free service, he said.
He opened the gathering of people with physical disabilities and appreciated the efforts of the chairman of the Sanga Reddy District Legal Services Authority, B Papi Reddy, who provided wheelchairs and laptops for people with physical and visual disabilities. This is inclusive justice and beneficiaries will thus have the feeling that they are exercising their share of rights. These are not allowances for them, they are great enablers, he said.
Rushing to the rescue of victims of acid attacks etc and providing them with financial assistance as another dimension of LSA, he said. Telangana High Court Judge Ujjal Bhuyan, Executive Chairman of the State Legal Services Authority, said Article 39-A of our constitution promises justice for all and free legal aid is an important instrument to achieve this goal. dozens of HC judges, legal officials, district officials and beneficiaries attended the function.


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