Liz Cheney Calls the Jan. 6 Capitol Riot a ‘Conspiracy’


WASHINGTON — Days before the first congressional hearing into the events of Jan. 6, Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., called the Capitol attack a “conspiracy” and described its fallout as a “permanent threat.”

“It’s extremely wide. It’s extremely well organized. It’s really scary,” Cheney said on “CBS Sunday Morning.”

The Wyoming lawmaker suggested the willingness of many in the Republican Party to turn a blind eye to former President Donald Trump’s efforts to nullify the election in hopes of staying in his the favor has, in part, created a “cult of personality” around Trump, shielding him from consequences.

“We have too many people now in the Republican Party who don’t take their responsibilities seriously and who have pledged allegiance and loyalty to Donald Trump,” Cheney said. “It’s fundamentally antithetical – it’s contrary to everything conservatives believe – to embrace a cult of personality. And yet that’s what so many in my party do today.”

Cheney called out House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy in particular, alleging the House’s top Republican chose to embrace more hateful sects of his party and “turned his back on the Constitution” in the election. hope to become the next Speaker of the House.

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Thursday marks the first of eight hearings into the Jan. 6 Capitol attack. Several dramatic revelations provided insight into the committee’s findings.

Court filings described the debunked legal strategy behind Trump’s efforts to throw out votes in tightly contested states. The texts illustrated panic over violence among Trump’s relatives and aides, as Republican lawmakers discussed martial law. Closed-door testimony described Trump’s inaction for hours after the Capitol breach.

Cheney said she hopes the nation will pay attention to the committee’s revelations, which expose the fragility of American democracy.

“People need to watch and they need to understand how easily our democratic system can crumble if we don’t stand up for it,” she said.

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