LSF’s strategic plan will help deliver justice


Speaking recently at the 10th anniversary of the LSF in Dar es Salaam, Simbachawene noted that the five-year plan would provide the organization’s vision and direction to help grassroots people realize their economic and legal rights.

“This will facilitate access to quality legal aid services to marginalized communities, especially women, both in mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar,” he added.

Likewise, the minister said he would identify the priorities needed to be adopted to deliver justice and also strengthen an enabling environment that improves the institutional development and sustainability of the legal aid sector, all aimed at improving the lives of people. women and their families.

“I congratulate the LSF for launching a new five-year strategic plan 2022/2026, which aims to work closely with government and stakeholders to improve policies, laws and create a better and conducive environment for communities, especially for women, to do business, ”he added.

Describing how the government initially provided legal aid services to suspects accused of serious crimes such as murder, manslaughter and treason, he praised the NGO for offering to educate Tanzanians on the country’s laws.

“Various civil society organizations (CSOs) have provided legal services to citizens, including legal advice and representation in court… this work has come to the rescue of many Tanzanians,” he said.

LSF Chief Executive Officer Lulu Ng’wanakilala said the 2022-2026 strategic plan aims to work closely with various government institutions to improve policies, laws and create a better and enabling environment for communities, by especially women and children, to access legal aid services.

Commenting, Beng’i Issa, chairman of the board of LSF, said that over the past decade they have implemented various programs to help women access legal aid.

“Tanzanians were able to easily get legal aid without having to go to court and spend money,” he said.

In the presidency, the director of the Malinyi District Legal Aid Agency, Rashid Kiding’a, said; “I urge the government to consider us as a legal aid third party, as we are working hard in a very difficult environment to try to ensure that Tanzanians are familiar with court procedures.

Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA) representative Mette Bech Pilgaard said the LSF has been implementing a major program for 10 years that affects ordinary citizens, a situation that has made them great enablers throughout. of its 10 years.

Over the past 10 years, LSF has provided grants to over 200 legal aid providers and paralegals in mainland Tanzania and the islands.


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