Mali: Ménaka Region – Situation report n°3 – As of June 30, 2022 – Mali




• The localities of Inékar and Tidermene are still hotbeds of tension, but some organizations have obtained temporary access there and are carrying out activities there.

• The city of Anderamboukane remains a difficult area to access, but according to local authorities, commercial movements from Niger have resumed and the city is supplied.

• Some people moved preventively towards the town of Ménaka because of threats from armed men.

• A UN CERF rapid response allocation was made to cover urgent shelter, water, sanitation, health and protection needs.

• 163 schools are closed in Menaka Education Academy affecting approximately 48,900 students.


As the security context is very unstable in Ménaka, several incidents have taken place in the areas hosting the displaced, forcing many of them to take refuge in new places. On June 24, unidentified armed men ordered the inhabitants of several localities, some of which located less than 10 km from Ménaka, to leave their towns of origin. This situation has caused new movements towards Ménaka, where the new internally displaced persons (IDPs) have not yet received assistance.

Following heavy rains in Ménaka on 27 June, OCHA visited the informal IDP camp to thoroughly assess the situation of vulnerable people in the camp. OCHA noted that there is an extremely urgent need to provide shelter for children, women and the elderly sleeping in the open.


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