MID. Lawyer, Urenia Ricks-Johnson, renders selfless service to the New Faith Temple Church of God in Christ Resuscitate Conference


“Michigan lawyer Urenia Ricks-Johnson of the Corporate Development Institute”

The wife of local pastor, author and speaker Natasha Tupper of the New Faith Temple of God in Christ church hosted a women’s conference called the Resuscitation Conference last weekend.

The conference, held at the aptly named Watermark Country Club in Grand Rapids, had an impact sponsor, MI. Attorney Ricks-Johnson who generously agreed to provide her professional services free of charge to conference guests.

Born and raised in the Eastside of Detroit, MI. Lawyer Ricks-Johnson began her journey to becoming a lawyer in 6th grade. Having no lawyer in her family or close friends, Urenia learned about the law through various God-ordained relationships through internships and advice from mentors.

Urenia is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University and Thomas Cooley Law School. After graduating from law school, Urenia became a professor at Thomas Cooley Law School. Having a passion as an entrepreneur, Urenia opened Ricks & Associates, PLLC in May 2007.

With no clear plan growing up regarding the legal field or Corporate America, Urenia has made it its goal to help young people navigate the legal field with professionalism and integrity. She is the founder of Ricks & Associates, PLLC law firm in West Bloomfield, MI.

In 2016, she co-founded the Corporate Development Institute, a nonprofit organization designed to mentor and train young people in the fundamentals of American life, balance, and business. CDI also partners with various organizations to provide community legal services in the areas of estate planning, discharges and bankruptcy.

Urenia speaks at various conferences and seminars in hopes of inspiring others to reach their God-given potential.

Inspirational entrepreneurs Deborah Frew and Asiyah Cosom were also present as impact sponsors at the conference. Resuscitate conference host Natasha Tupper was thrilled with the selfless services of the conference’s impact sponsors. Full of excitement and gratitude, Natasha revealed that she would be sponsoring her guests by offering free book publishing services through her non-profit urban publishing house, Polished Perspective Publishing House.

Reverend Deidric Tupper, the pastor of the church, paid a surprise visit to the conference guests at the end of the conference. The New Faith Temple COGIC is known for its community service and activism. They offer summer camps, after-school classes, food giveaways, and retail partner community stores, all at no cost. Additional resources from conference impact partners were a welcome act of kindness.

“If you have acquaintances, let others light their candles there.” –Margaret Fuller

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