Missoula Municipal Court Candidates Team Up to Reshape the System | Local News


It’s rare for all three bench positions to be vacant simultaneously, Coolidge said.

He, Streano and Parker added another element to this year’s election that rocked things a bit. The three candidates present themselves as a kind of team with a shared platform.

They often campaign and organize fundraising events with each other and their campaign signs are frequently seen placed together all over Missoula.

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Coolidge, Parker and Streano say that if elected, it gives the city court an opportunity to strengthen its cohesion, restructure and redefine itself.

“We really saw a huge opportunity for change,” Streano said. “It felt natural to say ‘Let’s do it together’ because together we have individual strengths that complement each other well. “

Streano added that at the end of the day, each judge is an individual person, but in terms of policies and philosophies, Coolidge, Parker and Streano have a common vision.

“This is what you need if you are serious about advancing justice. You can’t have people who have different views on what’s right and what’s right if you’re trying to get a movement moving, ”she said. “Voters don’t have to choose the three of us, they always have to vote for all of us independently. “

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