Morae offers improved flexibility and scalability for legal resources with “OnDemand by Morae”


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“Planning for the future of legal service delivery and agile teams is necessary to keep pace with a rapidly changing business environment, regulatory landscape and economy. “

Morae Global Corporation, the global leader in digital and business transformation for the legal industry, today announced improved flexibility and scalability for legal resources with On request by Morae. Busy legal departments and law firms with dynamic and often evolving resource needs increasingly trust Morae to connect them with the right people, skills and expertise they need, when. and where they need it.

Morae’s Legal Resources department provides access to attorneys, paralegals, and legal operations and compliance professionals. It sets itself apart in the market by focusing on ensuring high-quality experiences for customers and talents, including:

– Match client expectations and defined needs to Morae’s vast network of organized talent, combining talent screening, managed onboarding and governance and engagement close as an end-to-end experience;

– Cultivation of talents through training and professional development opportunities, personalized coaching and a regular program of learning interactions with Morae’s team of experts to provide legal professionals with a more enriching experience.

“OnDemand by Morae plays an important role in our strategic direction as a global provider of legal services,” said Matthieu crocker, director of strategy at Morae. “There is an increasing need for legal departments and law firms to recalibrate their legal service delivery, driven by the growth of remote working and on-demand legal teams, a trend we see proliferate through 2022 OnDemand by Morae will not only meet the resource needs of our clients, but also in this will help establish a new career paradigm for legal experts.

Varun Srikumar, Managing Director of Legal Resource Solutions at Morae, explained, “The pandemic has forced many organizations to develop remote working models. But many are also discovering the importance of finding ways to integrate agile and dynamic expertise to ensure high performance. We encourage our clients to consider more than just the financial benefits of on-demand legal talent. Planning for the future of legal service delivery and agile teams is necessary to keep pace with a rapidly changing business environment, regulatory landscape, and economy.

“We are also seeing a significant increase in interest from lawyers and other legal professionals who want to work with us. Some are currently engaged in full-time roles and consider the flexibility of project-oriented work. Some are returning from maternity or paternity leave and are looking to re-engage their careers. Morae offers an attractive option due to our focus on professional development, equity and diversity inclusion, and other issues important to the talents we work with on a regular basis. We are laser-focused on improving the quality of client-talent interactions to facilitate the overall engagement process, for example by incorporating the latest technology solutions into video interviews, ”added Srikumar.

Srikumar was appointed in June to lead the service and global resources activities at the request of Morae. His experienced leadership helps pave the way for building the future of legal services for today’s clients. He brings an in-depth understanding of the changing legal services landscape and over 15 years of experience providing legal advice and strategic business transformation, including previous roles at Elevate Services, Advanced Discovery, Huron Consulting Group and d ‘other organizations.

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