New legal aid for Toledo residents threatened with eviction


TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – Good news for residents of the city of Toledo who may soon be deported. New funds are coming in for additional legal aid to ensure a level playing field if they make it to court.

In a typical year in Toledo, local legal experts say there are around 6,000 deportations filed in the city. Which means legal action. Court generally means lawyers. This is not the case with evictions.

“About 75% of the time landlords have lawyers and only about 2% of the time tenants have lawyers,” said Veronica Martinez of Legal Aid of Western Ohio.

That’s why groups like Legal Aid of Western Ohio and Veronica Martinez are welcoming $ 250,000 from the city of Toledo to Legal Aid and Advocates for Basic Legal Equality (ABLE) to represent people facing eviction.

“It levels the playing field. It also educates them about their rights, the defenses they may have that they don’t know. It doesn’t necessarily mean renters will win, but we hope to put them in a position of moving from household to household and not being on the streets, ”Martinez said.

“When tenants are represented by the council, their chances of achieving a positive outcome are greatly increased. This is not a shocking statistic, because anyone represented by a lawyer and who goes to court will have a much better chance of success, ”said Reem Subei of Advocates for Basic Legal Equality.

Subei believes that an eviction disrupts not only this family, but the whole community, the children who will also lose school friends for example. These new dollars are expected to help around 300 more people in the first year, with hopes of helping hundreds more in the future. Maybe help some to reach an agreement before getting an eviction on their case

To qualify for these legal services, you will contact Legal Aid and be able to similarly now by calling or logging in online. Same process, just now more money for more lawyers.

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