POWER (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) announces its new members Women of Empowerment

Manhasset, NY, May 20, 2022 — (PR.com) — POWER (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) announces its new Women of Empowerment members who are recognized for their high level of contribution to the many fields and industries listed below of.

About the most recent members of Women of Empowerment
POWER (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) is proud to introduce its new Women of Empowerment members who are now recognized members of POWER:

Aby Rodriguez – Financial Services
Adana Khachatryan–Law/Legal Services
Amanda R. Lydick – Health Care
Angel Taylor – Retail
Angie D. Knight–Law/Legal Services
Calandrilli Dotson–Alcohol/Tobacco
Cheryl A. Wirkus – Construction/Building
Courtney Riley – Retail
Faith Sincere–Real Estate
Georgene Summers – Coaching
Iona B. LeBlanc — Healthcare
Jann L. Harrison–Health
Jennifer L. Montague — Publishing
Joanne M. Caracappa – Craft Supplies
Karen I. Hirsch – Art
Kellie S. Lightner – Food/Drinks
Kerrie L. Stouffer — Transcript
Kristin M. Pitts–Law/Legal Services
LaJune Singleton–Health Services
Latonya Miller – Healthcare
LaToya A. Lewis – Home Health Care
LaVerne Cannonier-Hill–Cleaning Service
Maria I. Torres – Dance lessons
Marisela Rodriguez – Insurance
Monica R. Reagor–Information Technology/IT
Nicole Reynolds – Retail
Rena Stephens – Clothing/Fashion
Rochelle F. Rothman – Retail
Ronda M. Kelso–Law/Legal Services
Rosanna Giglio–Jewelry
Samantha Crawford – Photography
Sandra C. Second–Art
Satrica D. Williams–Law/Legal Services
Shawnise Chantell–Editing
Shellie L. Patterson – Massage Therapy
Tacoma R. Anderson–Nonprofit/Volunteering
Tonya M. Remington – Healthcare

About POWER (Recognized Women’s Professional Organization of Excellence) and powerwoe.com
POWER-Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized is an online organization and community. POWER Magazine is a digital, exclusive print magazine featuring celebrities and hardworking professional women every day. Our mission is to provide a powerful network of women who will guide, inspire and empower each other to be the best they can be. Through our valuable services and collaboration with like-minded professionals, our members can potentially gain the recognition and exposure they deserve, as well as gain insights from those who have already succeeded.


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