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Kingston, NY: I watched the January 6 committee meetings. After viewing, I feel sorry for the individuals who will likely go to jail or be fined for participating in the insurrection at the Capitol that day. They and their family members will have to spend money on legal services that they may not be able to afford. All they did was drink the Kool-Aid that was delivered by Donald Trump. The committee and witnesses have provided evidence that the former president definitely lost the 2020 election and that Joe Biden is the president of the United States.

What surprised me is that Trump is still trying to convince these people that he will forgive them if he wins the 2024 election! Ha! I hope they don’t believe or trust the former president, who turned against his own vice president who followed him through thick and thin during their four years in the White House.

Please don’t be fooled by his speech. We know from the past that Trump does not honor his promises and does not protect people who are loyal to him if they do not agree with him 100%. Plus, he lies so often that he probably won’t remember that promise to forgive those people, so I hope they don’t drink the Kool-Aid.

Let’s give our country and our legally elected politicians the time they need to heal and work together to move the business forward. Patricia Guida

Manhattan: It’s absolutely mind-blowing how a group of religious and conservative Republicans can come together at a Donald Trump rally, listen to the things he’s raving about, clap and sing. Religiously conservative means they follow a religion, which means “good” and “conservative” means careful and cautious. Today’s Republicans are a static party that caters to the wealthy – they have nothing to do with the name of religious conservatives. They are quite the opposite if they can clap and sing at the dribble that Trump claims is the truth. It should be clear to sane Americans that this man has a personality disorder (possible histrionic personality disorder or narcissistic personality disorder). Either way, whatever he is suffering mentally, it should be clear to the country that something is wrong and he has no place in the White House – and yes, he should be prosecuted for January 6th ! Michel De Souza

Bronx: I just read in the Daily News that Rick “the Moron” Perry was involved in the plan to replace legitimate voters in swing states with Trump supporters who would ignore the votes and declare Trump the winner. Just a reminder that Perry said during a presidential debate in 2016 that he was going to get rid of three government agencies – one of which, the Department of Energy, which he could not remember, which ended his campaign. We later learned why he didn’t remember when Trump named him head of the department, saying, “I didn’t know it did all that.” Republican stupidity is through the roof. Randall Borra

Brooklyn: The voice of Elizabeth D’Angelo rhetorically asks if CNN, MSNBC and other supposedly liberal outlets will cover the assassination attempt on Judge Brett Kavanaugh. A quick Google search of “Kavanaugh” with any of these media names shows they’ve got it all covered. So what do you mean, Elizabeth? To spread easily refuted lies, like your idol Trump? Trudi Rosenblum

Rockaway Beach: Please stop reporting people bathing and drowning after lifeguards are off duty, as places where people are drowning have no lifeguards at all this year. The city has time and money for speed cameras, red light cameras and encouraging overdevelopment to the highest bidder, but no time to hire the people responsible for saving lives along our miles and miles of beaches. Lifeguards made recommendations to save lives and they were blatantly ignored. The city and the parks department dropped the ball badly this year and now people are dying from it. Jessica Glennon

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North Babylon, LI: Thank you, Voicer Ben Jordan, for your sense of history regarding the gas crisis of the 1970s and its failure to move the needle on the climate-killing pollution we experience today. Yes, more efficient cars have been popular for a while. Now, however, we drive gas-guzzling SUVs, and more and more. Cutting gasoline prices will certainly not save us from our current climate crisis or high levels of air pollution. Electric vehicles will. The Climate Action Council’s draft blueprint has already committed to electrifying New York State’s light-duty vehicle fleet by 2035 and injecting $1 billion in support for adoption and electric vehicle infrastructure, as well as zero-emission school buses by 2035. What to see is the commitment to electric trucks, good public transport to reduce the miles traveled by vehicles and increased accessibility of electric vehicles to all New Yorkers. Alexa Marinos

Scarborough, NY: If the U.S. Supreme Court rules New York’s tough gun licensing law is unconstitutional, there may be a legal response, though we’ll need to get Governor Hochul’s approval. and the legislature. Anyone convicted of unlawfully shooting a weapon at a person in New York must serve a minimum sentence of three years in prison. No ifs, ands, or buts. Thomas F. Comiskey

Massapequa Park, LI: Congratulations to you, Lisette Caesar, hometown hero of the Daily News (June 20). You are an amazing woman who loves her children so much and gives them the spiritual wisdom that they can get through life’s difficulties by giving back to others. You are a hero. God bless you!! Frank Mullahey

Manhattan: On Saturday, I had the great pleasure of attending a performance of “Don Quixote” by the American Ballet Theater at the Met at Lincoln Center. However, I was horrified when I saw what was done with this beautiful walk in front of all the buildings, anchored by this beautiful waterfall. The boardwalk looks like an outdated version of Coney Island. Shame on the powers that be who allowed this. Roberta Horowitz

Chester, NJ: To all the drama queens condemning Patti LuPone for calling out to an audience member not to wear a mask and then having the audacity not to wear a mask at the Tony Awards, here’s why it’s not the same: if one cast member gets COVID, the show shuts down for quarantine. Hundreds of people are out of work. So yes, wearing masks in audiences is no fun, but keeping the show open is important to keep the industry going. Also, at the Tonys, everyone needed proof of full vaccination and a recent negative COVID test and masks were required for people in the loft and balcony, although they did not need the test. negative. LuPone did the right thing by calling the audience member. She protected everyone working in this theater. David J. Melvin

White Rock, British Columbia: Regarding “Florida Woman Arrested in Hate Spray Attack” (June 19): Canadian and East Asian American residents/citizens unjustly attacked. They have suffered verbal and/or physical attacks since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many victims are Chinese, although their attackers seem to perceive the entire East Asian ethnicity/race, which includes different nations and cultures, as the same. This is inexcusably horrific treatment of other human beings who have done nothing at all to deserve such vicious abuse. Moreover, it is forgotten that there is a good chance that the victims of assaults have come to the West to leave precisely what many Westerners, including perhaps the attackers of hate crimes, do not currently like to about some authoritarian governments in East Asian countries. Frank Sterle Jr.

Bronx: Father’s Day 2022 will have passed by the time you receive this letter, but there will be another day to celebrate fathers next year. Honor our fathers, sons, and heroes and remember why (sometimes we have to overlook their human imperfections because we all have them). You will be uplifted and encouraged by the best of these men. Rose Mary Lancaster


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