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The program relies solely on volunteers who are committed to helping someone in need throughout the snow season.

“What we found is that our volunteers have really built a great relationship with the people in our community,” explained Crawford. “And this is once again an opportunity for all of us to look at our neighbors left and right, and make sure they are taken care of when we are cleaning our sidewalks.”

Due to the limited number of participants, the program operates on a first come, first served basis. City staff say they will do their best to match volunteers with those asking for help with snow removal in their area.

“They just have to shovel, and they do that whenever I think there’s two feet of snow,” Crawford explained. “They will come out and help clear sidewalks and driveways.”

Volunteers are requested to clear snow from the resident’s door to the sidewalk, including all steps, and from the public sidewalk and property, including curb ramps and curb cuts. Volunteers are not expected to clear snow from cars, driveways, multiple entrances, rooftops, etc. The snow removal volunteers will do ensures that residents can get in and out of their homes, receive deliveries and meet snow removal requirements.

“For many it’s freedom,” Crawford said. “It’s an opportunity to get out and still be able to enjoy – you know, winter here in Northland lasts almost six months a year. So it’s an opportunity to get out, but more importantly, to go to go to the doctor, see loved ones and have this opportunity to engage throughout the winter. “

Those interested in volunteering or those in need of assistance can apply on the Town of Duluth snow removal website. Places fill up quickly, so residents are encouraged to apply as early as possible. Volunteers are matched as soon as the City has all the applications and can put them in contact with the person they are going to help.

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