Rex Afrasiabi on his motivated career and going beyond legal aid to uplift others


MA Legal is one of the most renowned law firms in the legal industry, serving clients for over a decade. It all started with Rex Afrasiabi’s determination to accomplish his goal in life: to help people. Since then MA Legal has grown to provide Rex with the platform to move beyond legal matters as it has gained a reputation for encouraging others to grow in their passion.

Rex Afrasiabi’s education was instrumental in developing his goals. After going through a difficult journey in life, he remembers his experience as an inspiration to strive to help others. His early days in life were eventful as he grew up in a war-torn country where bombings were frequent.

Fortunately, Rex and his family migrated to the safety of Australia, where his subsequent struggle was to find his way to school. At the time, he knew very little English. Further challenges arose when his parents divorced and Rex remained to live with his father, who spent most of the time abroad, forcing him to practically raise himself.

Despite all the problems encountered, Rex managed to complete his studies. He then found work in several law firms, but decided to reorient his career towards the fashion industry, where he worked as the managing director of an international company. Although his new gig brought challenges and rewards, Rex felt something was missing. He realized that his new career took him further away from the goal, the cause and the beliefs that animated him every day. The feeling stuck with him until he decided to embark on a career that allowed him to help others.

MA Legal is the result of Rex’s ambition to use his knowledge and platform to help others in need. The firm was created in 2008 and specializes in several aspects such as commercial, family, litigation and real estate. Bringing together a team of like-minded experts, Rex created MA Legal to deliver some of the best results to their clients from all walks of life.

In an industry as competitive as the legal industry, Rex Afrasiabi has managed to rise above his competitor through his use of social media to help build his personal brand. This allowed him to showcase his unique skills, life and experiences. It also attributes its higher platform to its high work rate. “I believe I’m the hardest worker in any room,” he proudly shared, “But hard work in itself is never enough if you don’t have a vision and a clear destination on where you want to go. “

Although he has prospered with his new business, Rex doesn’t deny that he sometimes feels exhausted from his work. “Burnout, unfortunately, is common,” he explained, “Especially when you’re running your own business. And it’s not uncommon to work long days and weeks.”

The legal expert also sees his clients facing the same dilemma and often encourages them to take the time to rest and relax, citing professional sports teams that keep their athletes at peak level, with the right diet, exercise. and rest – “I think we can all learn something from professional athletes, especially in terms of the ability to perform at a high level, the required state of mind and the required rest. You wouldn’t see it. a professional athlete working 12 hours a day without rest.

In addition to his legal services, Rex Afrasiabi tries to encourage his clients to reflect on their mindset in relation to their career or the growth of their business. “I don’t want to grow up,” he shared, “Be obsessed so you have to grow up. If you have to do something you will find a way. If you want to do something you can find an excuse.”

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