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Our worker training combines rigorous standards, world-class instruction and sophisticated tools to prevent incidents and injuries. This training includes both classroom instruction and hands-on simulation. We replicate scenarios our teams are likely to encounter, as well as potential challenges that, while unlikely, we believe people will be prepared to handle.


While bp educates, trains and trains to prevent incidents, we also prepare our teams to respond should an incident occur. This way we are ready to act quickly to minimize the impact of an incident and protect people and the environment.

While we prepared to respond to an incident, we also worked hard to avoid any need for such a response. Among our many initiatives, we continue to work with members of the industry to improve safety and reliability standards for subsea shutters and other critical equipment.

While frontline workers are most responsible for the safety and reliability of operations, our Health, Safety, Environment and Carbon (HSE&C) team and our Safety and Operational Risk Assurance (S&ORA) team provide additional layers and valuable assistance and expertise.


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