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HOUSTON, March 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Schouest, Bamdas, Soshea & BenMaier PLLC, or SBSB Law, and Eastham, Watson, Dale & Forney, LLP today announced that they have completed a merger that brings together two of the nation’s most respected law firms . The merger will combine Eastham’s renowned marine and catastrophic claims practice with SBSB’s highly respected maritime defense, longshoring, base defense and insurance practices, to create a legal powerhouse.

VIDEO: Click here for interviews with SBSB Eastham Partners John Schouest, Robert Klawetter, Christina Schovajsa and Susan Noe Wilson discuss the merger.

In the maritime sector, the new firm, which operates as SBSB Easthamcombines SBSB’s extensive bench of maritime and trial lawyers with Eastham’s decades-long history as a leader in admiralty and maritime law.

“Merging our firms allows us to leverage the expertise and depth of experience of both firms,” ​​said SBSB’s Founder and Managing Partner. Jean Schouest, who runs the combined company. “The result is an even more formidable team. As far as maritime groups go, I don’t know of anyone else with so much experience.”

“We are very pleased to partner with SBSB,” said SBSB Eastham Partner Robert L. Klawetter. “Not only will we be working with an exceptional group of lawyers, but we are also excited to be able to offer our clients the experience, exceptional lawyers and resources that this merger provides.”

Partner SBSB Eastham Christina Schovajsa added: “We are convinced that Clarence Eastham would be thrilled to see the legacy of the company he founded 82 years ago continue.”

In just seven years, SBSB Law has become one of the nation’s leading firms in admiralty and maritime law, among other areas. Company partners have decades of experience in the Admiralty and Navy representing a wide range of clients, including businesses associated with inland waterways, brown water trading, exploration and production offshore, international shipping and Jones Act and international cruise lines. The firm is also known for its in-depth team of highly skilled litigation attorneys who handle a wide variety of defense work, ranging from defense law and stevedoring claims, to class action defense, commercial litigation, general liability, trucking and insurance.

Founded in 1939, Eastham regularly acts on behalf of the world’s leading protection and indemnity clubs and other liability underwriters and has played a key role in representing parties in virtually every major maritime disaster on the Gulf Coast. of Texas for decades. He provides legal services to a wide variety of industries, including domestic and international shipping companies, the offshore drilling industry, inland towing companies, intermodal equipment suppliers and freight brokers.

“The practice of maritime law is one of our cornerstones,” said Susan Noe Wilson, partner of SBSB Eastham and head of litigation. “While SBSB’s current marine work is primarily brown water – energy field, oil and gas, waterways – Eastham is primarily a blue water marine business. The combination of the two makes it a very good match for all businesses. people involved, especially our customers.”

The new firm’s primary practice areas include Admiralty and Navy, Base Defense Law, Longshore, Commercial and Commercial Litigation, Commercial Transactions, Personal Injury Defense, Energy, Environmental and Toxic Torts, Transportation and Trucking, General Liability, Insurance, Labor and Employment, Federal and State Worker Compensation, Premises Liability, Arbitration and Appeal.

In total, SBSB Eastham has around 110 lawyers in six cities across the country – Houston, corpus Christi, New Orleans, Chicago, Boca Ratonand Milwaukee.

SBSB Eastham is a group of experienced lawyers who have come together to form a client-focused law firm. The firm’s goal is to be the go-to resource at every stage of the legal process, bringing deeper experience, deeper commitment and deeper knowledge to help solve the most complex issues. In consultation or in the courtroom, the firm will aggressively pursue a client’s best interests. For more information about the firm and its team of lawyers, visit

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