Shaheen Statement on Temporary Government Financing Legislation


September 30, 2021

(Washington, DC) – US Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) released the following statement after the US Senate approved a continuing resolution that will extend the government funding deadline from September 30 to December 3, narrowly avoiding a government shutdown. Shaheen participated in negotiations to reach an agreement, during which she supported the inclusion of resettlement assistance for recently evacuated Afghan refugees, many of whom served as allies with the United States during the war of 20 years in Afghanistan. The funding bill also includes federal disaster relief assistance to help communities devastated by Hurricane Irma. The legislation will then be sent to the House of Representatives before being delivered to the President’s office for signature.

“On behalf of Granite Staters and all Americans, I am very relieved that an agreement has been reached to prevent a government shutdown, but let’s be clear – it never should have come to this. said Shaheen. “Senate Republicans’ obstruction is needlessly and dangerously forcing one fabricated crisis after another. It’s a shame that Mitch McConnell’s partisan politics not only pushed us to the brink, but also failed to settle the debt ceiling, which is a looming budget crisis that we must tackle. quickly. The American people deserve better than this – they deserve a Congress that legislates responsibly and puts people before politics. I am glad that we averted a financial emergency today and that urgently needed federal assistance is soon reaching our communities devastated by Hurricane Irma and helping Afghans as they begin their new lives here. in the USA. But our work is far from over. Senate Republicans must end political charades so that we can raise the debt ceiling to meet our financial obligations – which has always been a bipartisan priority – and fund government responsibly over the long term so that our municipalities and our citizens have the economic certainty they need and deserve. “

Last week, Shaheen made remarks on the Senate floor slamming Senate Republicans for their obstruction that nearly forced the government to shut down and continues to risk the United States crossing the fiscal cliff if it does not increase. not the debt ceiling, which Democrats worked with Republicans to raise. three times under the Trump administration.

Senator Shaheen has historically partnered with Senator John McCain (R-AZ) on efforts to protect Afghans who have risked their lives to support US diplomatic efforts abroad by bolstering the special immigrant visa program Afghan (SIV). She continues to lead bipartisan efforts in Congress to re-authorize additional Afghan SIVs. The president promulgated key provisions of the Afghan Allies Protection Act, a bill led by Shaheen and Senator Ernst, as part of the spending legislation. Their legislation helps protect Afghan civilians who risked their lives to support the US mission in Afghanistan. Earlier this week, Shaheen interviewed Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and senior military officials during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on the conclusion of US military operations and future US policy in Afghanistan.

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