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The DC Extended Universe black adam is set to expand the franchise’s horizons in October, and Blue Beetle and Batgirl will also join the franchise by 2023. However, DC Comics’ most popular team has to be the Justice League. In addition to the main trio of Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman, the league includes hundreds of other members.

Fans on private soldier cast thousands of votes on superheroes who have made it to the league through various media. These include movies, TV shows, video games, etc. Whether it’s the King of the Seas like Aquaman or a street-level vigilante like Green Arrow, it’s interesting to see who Ranker voters picked as the cream of the crop.


ten Captain Marvel/Shazam

Billy Batson transforms into Shazam in the sky

Shazam’s popularity has grown since his DCEU movie, when many mainstream viewers first became familiar with the superhero. Captain Marvel, as he is widely known in the comics, has been a recurring member of the Justice League and at times acted as its moral compass.

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Billy Batson’s powers as Shazam have made him equivalent to Superman in ability, and the wisdom he receives has also been instrumental in controlling the Justice League. His amusing ways have been a good source of entertainment, especially in stories that are otherwise grim.

9 Fate Doctor

Doctor Fate casts a spell in Injustice 2

Doctor Fate has been part of many iterations of the Justice League, ranging from Justice League Dark, Justice Society of America, and Justice League International. Whether it’s Kent Nelson or his great-nephew Khalid Nassour behind the mask, Doctor Fate brings a powerful magical aspect to the league.

His abilities include flight, teleportation, dimensional travel, invisibility, and even necromancy. However, Doctor Fate is favored primarily due to his wisdom. Unlike most players in the league, Doctor Fate seeks to rehabilitate the bad guys, with no distinction between good and evil. It’s his drive to find the best in everyone that makes Doctor Fate so engrossing.

8 green arrow

image of DC Comics' Green Arrow showing him shooting an arrow

There are several facts about Green Arrow in the comics that have been adapted into mainstream media, such as his wealth of experience and his affiliation with the Justice League. Although not as involved as Bruce Wayne in the financial investment department, Green Arrow has kept the league grounded with his humanity contrasting with the extremely powerful members.

Green Arrow’s involvement was similar to Shazam’s in that he stuck around so he could remind the league that they’re meant to help people rather than just fight global threats. His sarcastic attitude and occasional brutality make Green Arrow a character mature audiences love to follow.

seven Aquaman

Arthur Curry dressed in his Aquaman costume

Depending on the writer, Aquaman is either a valuable part of the Justice League or an outsider who makes bad decisions for the Justice League because he only cares about his own people. Regardless, Aquaman has long been associated with the group and is usually touted as a founding member.

His popularity has grown since Aquaman was shown as a gritty anti-hero in Justice League Unlimited, which is how the DCEU version of Jason Momoa was also described. Aquaman’s control over the seas and the creatures in them have made him one of the most powerful members of the league.

6 Superman

Superman Movie Henry Cavill Daredevil Showrunner Tracking

While it’s probably not possible to avoid the clichés Superman is associated with in the comics, like his absurdly long list of powers, the Man of Steel is by far the most worthy leader the Justice League can. have. He is the embodiment of goodness in a person and tries his best never to cross moral boundaries.

Superman might mow down enemies or subjugate the world himself, but he carries the Justice League on his back based on the values ​​taught to him by his parents. Superman’s kindness and sympathetic personality has made him the face of the Justice League that people consider a beacon of hope.

5 Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter with the sun shining behind him in Zach Snyder's Justice League

J’onn J’onzz AKA the Martian Manhunter was a thoroughly likeable character who found a new family in the Justice League. He generally had a tragic history of losing loved ones on Mars before using telepathic powers and heightened abilities to aid the Justice League.

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J’onn has been a shrewd member of the league who seeks to keep things on a peaceful level rather than engaging in pointless battles. His telepathic powers have been interpreted in different ways in the media, but they have always been portrayed as a class of their own and nearly impossible to overcome.

4 Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Green Lantern - Hal Jordan Comic Book Cover

There have been various people as part of the Green Lantern Corps in the Justice League, but none more notable than Hal Jordan. He was a mainstay of the league as well as a founding member. His personality has differed depending on the writer, sometimes shown as arrogant and arrogant, while other times he can be straightforward and brooding.

Jordan’s use of the Power Ring is what makes him so appealing, as his wild imagination has conjured up beautiful creations from the ring. No matter how he might be described, Jordan gets the job done and is relentless in his pursuit of justice, and is deservedly a high ranking member of the league.

3 wonder woman

Wonder Woman in Justice League Unlimited

At a time when the comic book landscape was dominated by male heroes, Wonder Woman proved to be a huge exception to becoming a top superhero. She is considered one of the three core members of the Justice League alongside Batman and Superman, and has taken on a leadership role on numerous occasions.

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Wonder Woman’s Amazonian heritage has led to many bold choices on her part, with the character pushing the league to make some aggressive decisions. Her inherent abilities qualify her as a heavyweight for the group, with Wonder Woman usually leading the charge against the villains.

2 the flash

DC Comics Flash 75 Variant Cover

There is no distinction between Barry Allen’s Flash on Ranker or Wally West, so both characters can be considered the best. Barry is the more balanced of the two, able to make rational decisions but also has an easy-going quality that makes him an approachable personality. Although he’s not usually portrayed as the main leader of the Justice League, he’s definitely in charge.

Wally is usually the most naive and innocent character, but his presence is important because the league considers him the heart of the team. The Flash is arguably the most powerful member when his extreme speed is taken into account, as the superhero can rewind time, go to different universes, and finish off enemies in just a second if he wanted to.

1 Batman

Batman at the controls of his plane in Justice League Unlimited

Batman is generally considered the most popular character in the DC Universe overall, so it’s no surprise that he tops the list for Justice League. Batman is the mastermind and benefactor of the entire team, funding the group through Wayne Enterprises and strategizing against their enemies.

Despite being the founding member without powers, Batman can intimidate the strongest characters with the fear factor he commands. His persistent stance against corruption and refusal to take lives led the Justice League itself to adopt this rule, with the group never being considered truly complete when Batman is not around.

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