The Community shows its support for the Frito-Laïc Union


TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – While Frito-Lay workers protest outside the factory, several organizations and community members donated, food, water and even help to pay their bills.

“We had the bar here” Victoria’s “which brought us a hundred tacos and that’s great news, we had the place and we had the full support of the community like we never would have thought, and it’s great when the community says how can we help you get back to work, ”said Mark McCarter.

Mark McCarter says that since the strike began, people have dropped off more than 500 cases of water.

“When you give to the community, the community has a way of giving back to you and the community has a way of showing you how much they love you back and when you have the community coming to say hello, I see you there- knocking down and I know why you knocking, can we give you five cases of water or can we buy you lunch today or make you a cheeseburger, ”he said.

But food and water won’t help these strikers pay the bills, so a local organization is trying to take care of it.

“We have an organization that is now trying to pay the water bills of all union members and part of the community is investing money in it and within 24 hours they had almost $ 2,000.00,” he said. McCarter said.

Bakers Union Local 218 also sees other unions standing by their side.

“We’ll have Teamsters here, they’ll pull out a big huge truck and we’ll have 15 or 20 Teamsters with us on the picket line to show their support and it’s not just a union, we have the teachers’ union and we have had most of the unions here backing us up saying ‘How can we help? ” “, did he declare.

Mccarter says they have a meeting scheduled for Monday, July 19 with Frito-Lay, but the company is also having a hiring event on that day.

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