The ULM joins forces with the fourth and fifth judicial district courts


Posted May 19, 2022

The Fourth and Fifth Judicial Districts have partnered with the University of Louisiana’s Monroe Mock Trial Academy to provide training for public defenders in northern Louisiana.

More than 30 lawyers and students attended the four-hour Professionalism and Ethics training on April 29 at the ULM E. Orum Young Mock Trial courtroom.

Panelists included John Albert Ellis, Chief Public Defender for the Fifth Judicial District; Peggy Sullivan, Supervisor of the Fourth Judicial District; and Bob Noel, ULM Political Science Instructor and ULM Mock Trial Head Coach.

“The partnership between the legal profession and the ULM is significant. The ULM has been providing training for lawyers and potential lawyers for decades. It is simply a formal recognition of the need for the ULM to cooperate more with the judicial system,” Noel said.

ULM and the Northeast Louisiana Public Defense Districts are working together to provide future training to improve attorneys’ skills in providing service to the poor and solving crime-related issues.

“This is just another example of ULM fulfilling its role as the educational hub for northeast Louisiana,” said ULM Director of Innovation and Research Dr. W. Sutherlin. “Alongside this level of education and training, anyone in the area who has ever served on a jury has watched the service orientation video produced by ULM.”


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