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We worked on this book while I, Mary, was a graduate student, so for me it was also a behind-the-scenes look at the world of publishing and academic publishing. It took several years of soliciting chapters, reviewing drafts, and encouraging revisions before arriving at the final collection. It was great for both of us to be able to work on an equal footing to provide the best possible feedback to our authors – which often meant struggling with the nuances of sustainability ourselves to determine where / how we might ask for more from our authors, or decide how we were going to group these very different cases so that the whole book would be cohesive and useful. At the same time, I was finishing my thesis, which also relied on the concept of fair sustainability, so our work to strengthen the arguments for this book also helped me to make my own dossier for my doctorate.

For me, Phoebe, this was a great opportunity not only to work with an extremely knowledgeable and talented graduate student, but also, I appreciated the fact that the theoretical goal of “just sustainability”, as well as the studies of cases that we edited for the book were invaluable to his own dissertation research. I think the more we can help all students to engage in work that goes beyond a given class and builds real life experiences that aid both personal and professional development, the better.

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