United States Considering Haiti’s Request for International Security Assistance


WASHINGTON: The United States said Saturday it was considering a request for international assistance from Haiti, which says it is seeking a “specialized armed force” to deal with a crisis caused by a blockade of the country’s main fuel port.

The US State Department said criminal actors were undermining Haiti’s efforts to stop the spread of cholera.

“In this context, we will review the request from the Government of Haiti in coordination with international partners and determine how we can increase our support to help address the fuel shortage and security constraints in Haiti,” he said. he said in a statement.

He did not provide details on how the United States could help Haiti address its security constraints.

The Montana Accord, a group of Haitian intellectuals and activists that has strongly criticized Prime Minister Ariel Henry, called his request an act of treason and said foreign troops would only make matters worse.

“History teaches us that no foreign force has ever solved the problems of any people on earth,” the Montana Accord said in a statement, adding that Haiti instead needs support for its police force.

“It is our Haitian police who will have the ability to solve once and for all the problems of insecurity that Haitians are experiencing.”

Haiti has been at a standstill since a coalition of gangs blocked the Varreux fuel terminal last month. The lack of petrol and diesel has paralyzed transport and forced businesses and hospitals to interrupt their activities.

It has also led to a shortage of bottled water, just as the country has confirmed a new outbreak of cholera, the spread of which is controlled through sanitation and safe drinking water.

(Reporting by Phil Stewart in Washington and Brian Ellsworth in Miami; Editing by Cynthia Osterman and Alistair Bell)


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